Graphic Design
Art Direction

We are a small design studio that works with lots of collaborators on a large scale of media and supports to offer a wide range of possibilities for every project.

Giotto Creative Studio specializes in all the aspects of graphic design: art direction, brand identity, wayfinding, exhibition design, editorial design, posters, illustrations, user interfaces, websites, interior and furniture design.

The legend

Everyone has heard of Giotto’s genius at least once before: as the story goes, Pope Boniface VIII sent word to Giotto, asking him to prove his talent through an art piece. He decided to present a canvas in which only a freehand circle was drawn, so perfect that it seemed drawn with a compass. That simple sign proved the artist’s great ability and the perfection of his art.

Giotto’s confidence in approaching the challenge in the most efficient and intuitive way makes him one of the first creative problem-solvers of History. Giotto Creative was born inspired by this thought. Our mission is indeed to design artefacts which, due to our passionate search for the best solution, reach the set goals in the best possible way. We